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The Art Of The Graphic Tee


Let's begin today's SHOPPE TALK post with a little quote from the great and inimitable, stylist-to-the-stars, Rachel Zoe:

"Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak."

Truer words have not been said -- especially when it comes to graphic tees. Because, after all, a graphic tee is literally screaming to the world your personal tastes, creative ideas, sarcastic thoughts, occasional snark, and political affiliation all in the fabric real estate across your boobs. 

Big time, right?

For those of you gals with no issue sharing a piece of yourself on your tee -- KUDOS to you, girlfriend! Love it and love your attitude! 

For those of you with a little more trepidation about entering the world of graphic tees, sit tight, because I have the style solution for you, too!

In the vast universe of graphic tees, there exists a quiet space of sophisticated taste, minimalist sensibility and good style that stands out from the rest. Here's what to look for when you're shopping for a summer-ready graphic tee that will ease you into this fashion trend that's here for the long haul.

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1. Look for graphic tees in neutral tones.

We adore our basic EMILY ROGGENBURK x THD SHOPPE "JAIME CA" TEE. The soft vintage grey and small gothic print make for a go-with-everything combo. Jaime Ca also happens to mean "I like this" in French and we can't think of a more apropos way to describe it! 

Emily Roggenburk x THD Shoppe "Jaime Ca" Tee // $25 SALE


2. Look for graphic tees that represent a person/place/thing that is special to you.

Have you checked out our new collection from HABILIS SUPPLY CO.? This unisex brand out of Alhambra, CA creates clothing inspired by the outdoors -- places we've travelled to and the memorable experiences we've had. Even while our country is going through one of the most unprecedented times in modern history, we can ALL agree that there is beauty right outside our doors.

Habilis Supply Co. Yosemite Unisex T-Shirt // $36


Habilis Supply Co. Death Valley Unisex T-Shirt // $36


Habilis Supply Co. Big Sur Unisex T-Shirt // $36


3. Look for tees that offer a unique detail or embellishment.

The second the CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH collection came under our radar we knew we had a hit on our hands with the VIVA LA FEMME RUFFLE TEE! The feminist graphic combined with the pretty ruffles make for a special piece that looks just as good with a pair of shorts (especially THESE!), as with a pretty summer skirt or your favorite pair of STRAIGHT LEG JEANS.

Cut From The Same Cloth Viva La Femme Ruffled T-Shirt // $54

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