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Thinking Ahead... THD SHOPPE Fall/Winter 2020


In an unprecedented time, where societal rules, standards and everyday "norms" change on the daily based on the whims of a novel virus, fashion has definitely taken a back seat for many people. No doubt my brain is jam packed with all sorts of worries, anxieties and important, potentially life-altering decisions like, "Are my children going to risk going back to school in the fall?" With all of this social, mental and physical chaos, what I'm wearing seems far less important. 

However, over the past 5 months I've learned that embracing this new normal involves keeping some of the old normal as a part of daily life, as altered as it may be.

For me, and for many of you, fashion helps fill that void.

With our Fall/Winter collections now set and deliveries scheduled through the rest of 2020, I'm excited to bring some old normal back... with an updated twist.

We're thinking ahead.

Staying true to THD SHOPPE style, you can expect to see structured silhouettes and flattering cuts, but with a modernized (comfy-cozy) fabrication more suitable for all of the casual down time we've been spending at home. 

Here's a snapshot of some of the trends we'll be embracing and some of the styles you can expect to see on our virtual racks.



It sounds a little conflicting, but trust me on this one! While fall/winter is generally reserved for neutrals and warm tones, this season is going to be a little different. Color makes people happy. Everyone needs to feel a little happier these days. So, enter muted brights.

What does this mean exactly?

Think toned down versions of the violets, oranges, blues and greens that put a pep in our step. Tie dye is sticking around as well, because who doesn't feel happy when they have tie dye on!?

Looking for a tie dye pick me up? THD SHOPPE is offering pre-orders on this uber-cool SUNRISE HOODIE which effortlessly brings together our color palette for the season, and also happens to be luxuriously soft.


 THE THINGS BETWEEN Sunrise Hoodie ($68)


While knitwear is nothing groundbreaking for colder seasons and climates, what has been shifting in the knitwear world is the detail and structure. Expect to see lots of puff shoulders, wrap ties, knit ruffles and even some delicate pattern.

We're SO EXCITED to offer the first of many knits with our EN SAISON RETRO KNIT SWEATER! Exaggerated shoulders and fun throwback stripes with contrast knit piping give this piece a little bit of vintage flair. Wear it with out BLACK PLEATED PULL-ON SHORTS to complete the look!

EN SAISON Retro Knit Sweater ($84)


I hope you didn't think animal print and hide inspired fashion wasn't going anywhere? Because it's not. This season, leathers (both real and PU) are back on the scene. Expect lots of shearling, fleece and make-you-want-to-snuggle styles as well! Oh, and let's give some respect to the very underrated tiger stripe. We've been all about the leopard and cheetah for so long, but this season is the tiger's moment to shine. 

Ground all of these textures and prints with a simple draped blouse, or GRAPHIC TEE for a truly effortless look!

Speaking of animal prints -- we've got only 1 SIZE M LEOPARD TIERED MAXI SKIRT left in stock... it's been a customer FAVORITE, and happens to be on SALE (now $56)!

STORIA Leopard Tiered Layered Maxi (now $56!)


How has fashion changed for YOU in 2020, and more importantly, how do you see it evolving into the Fall/Winter?



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